Cenala develops new interactive app to help stimulate the relaxation response.

Today Cenala released a patent-pending stress reduction app, Simply Breathe, which offers a natural, easy and enjoyable way to help release tension and stimulate the body’s relaxation response. More than half of all adults now see stress management as important for a healthy lifestyle, and Simply Breathe provides a unique way to help find relaxation anytime, anywhere.

According to the National Institutes of Health, chronic stress may play a role in developing high blood pressure, headaches, digestive issues, along with depression, anxiety, insomnia and others. Relaxation techniques may be used by some to release tension and to counteract the ill effects of stress. Cenala developers knew other relaxation apps were ineffective long-term because users got bored quickly, so they set out to create an app that had psychological advantages.

They threw out the concept of session time, only asking users to commit to a small number of breaths each session. Then they added game theory, rewarding users who balanced the breathing guide with calming animations to draw them deeper into relaxation. The results were positive. Most users reported the sessions felt brief, and that they felt a heightened sense of awareness or calm.

“We set out to create an authentic app for stress reduction, carefully designed to be engaging yet deeply relaxing,” said Cenala President Mark Latham, “and around that wrapped an emotional support system. We believe this will be a new category of relaxation apps.”

Additional features let users set goals, track their stress triggers, share their progress on social media, and set future reminders to de-stress. Also included is a tutorial for proper breathing, and daily positive tips for leading a more relaxed, healthier life.

On sale for a limited time only, Simply Breathe can be purchased on the iTunes Store, Amazon Appstore and the Google Play app store for $1.99. 

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